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[...because if I ever run out of yarn--- I can just knit the dogs.]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


During the last two weeks, I spent time in Seattle with my daughter, soninlaw, and Cate, possibly the cutest grandbaby on the planet (all grandbabies are.) She's just 10 months and crawling, standing, babbling, playing, feeding bits of food to herself--- it's wonderful. Her first word is apparently going to be "Uh-ohhh."

While I was there, A. & I went on a girl's day off (pedis, lunch, espresso, shopping.......) and visited two of Seattle's 24, yes twenty-four, yarn stores.

Hilltop Yarn Queen Anne is in a deeply charming Craftsman style house, and a person could just move in, it's so cosy and welcoming and the yarns are yummy. I got several skeins of Berroco's "Seduce" to make a wavy drop-stitch scarf for Andrea. The yarn is pale blue silk & linen wrapped in a thin, glossy bronze thread. Light, cool, and drapey. Later we went to So Much Yarn, a shop with lots of shine and bright color and two very friendly, very helpful women proprietors. They have a stock of unusual artsy buttons, which can be very hard to find, and a good selection of needles and accessories.

I managed to work about 8 inches of the scarf on the long plane ride home-- now I'm about a third of the way. I also had to rip out the Eternal Sock for one last time, and this time I only cast on 66 stitches, and also put it onto bamboo DPNs, which seem to be making it knit up a lot faster and smoother. I truly hated DPNs at first, but I'm coming to terms with them. This time it's going to work. Really.

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