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[...because if I ever run out of yarn--- I can just knit the dogs.]

Friday, April 18, 2008

Crossing the finish line

I actually finished something! If you only knew how rare that is. This pillow was the result of thinking that it would be simpler to cover the throw pillows that looked icky on the new couch by knitting than by sewing something, which shows you how I hate to sew. But there is a lot of surface in a pillow. I could very nearly have made a sweater with that much yarn, and it was pricey. Lovely and soft, but a bit dear.
So the remaining three pillows, one the same size and two blessedly smaller, will be covered with the contents of this basket: lesser, but still worthy, yarns. Especially if they're going to be snoozed on and perhaps acquire a little dog hair.

I promised myself a knitting day today, and I did knit but have not so much to show for it. I must be much slower than I thought I was. Maybe we need someone to invent a knitting speedometer [and then maybe not.] I spent the morning trying to achieve gauge for a summer cardigan and did not quite get there. Then I went to the gym, which I have to do because I paid for it & told my husband I was going; ate lunch, and knit about half of one side of a pillow in very bulky yarn, and finished the ouevre above. How do the folks on Ravelry turn out so much work? Am I not watching the right TV shows?

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