Knit the Dog

[...because if I ever run out of yarn--- I can just knit the dogs.]

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Progress

Gettin' er done--
Finished Andrea's dark green Ultra Alpaca scarf, with a cable up either side and double leaf lace in the center. Soaked it in Eucalan, and it is nice and soft and blocked well. Almost done with the other scarf, of fuzzy stuff. Now I feel like I should make a hat and mits to go with the scarf. Cate's little red dress is about half, I had it nearly done and ripped the whole thing out and re-knit, I was not happy with it. I think it's some better now. Still working on an afghan for us in free moments, and I started a dark green vest for moi that I think will be really nice if I ever get it done; the IRIS design from Knitty. It has a 54-row lace design on the bottom that you have to sort of follow on faith that it will turn out OK, which is fun.
Post election cramps--
Yes, I was happy how it turned out, even here in NC. Now I'm still glued to the news hoping that even a fraction of the promises can be realized; that he does not collapse under the burden of ever-increasing crises; and that the Secret Service can keep him alive. The comments and rants in blogs, even mainstream stuff like MSNBC and CNN, are often vicious and hate-filled. 48% of the country seems not only unhappy, but enraged. It's scary.
Yarn therapy--
Behold, my local Olde Yarne Shoppe doth have an annual sale. I did partake in great measure, yea unto the detriment of ye banke balance.
I got there about a half hour into the three day sale, and there were at least twenty ladies scouting the bags, kits, and piles of yarn. The Noro shelves were already showing signs of serious feeding frenzy, and there were a few testy conflicts over who grabbed what first. I went in to get ONE skein of Ultra Alpaca and maybe one of Baby Cashmerino. I came out with those, plus seven balls of Kureyon in luscious, heart-stopping colors, and a bag of silk merino blend in a glorious kettle-dyed claret shade, enough for a whole sweater. I resisted, by the skin of my teeth, at least three other bags. Whew.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Finally! I've been immersed in this campaign, complete with bumper stickers, yard signs, and some hours spent calling and otherwise assisting the candidate of my choice. I actually voted almost two weeks ago, when Early Voting started, in case I got run over by a bus and didn't get the chance to do it. Not that it would be easy to get run over by a bus or any other form of public transit in Greensboro, since this is a car city. Phil decided to wait for today, since he likes the excitement of voting on The Day. I'll be up into the wee hours tonight, mainlining CNN and the internet until I know whether my guy won or lost. It's a tradition-- the very first election I can remember following was for Eisenhower's second term. I even had an "I Like Ike" button. No idea what it was all about, but I remember lying on the bed in my brother's room listening to the radio report the vote, and getting to stay up late.
Jack is way better, his hip does not bother him at all; the vet was pleased. I'm glad he did not need to be bound into his leg-sling for very long; he had a really hard time dealing with life's necessities because he kept falling over. We would try to assist him in peeing or pooping, which only ruined his concentration--- 'Thank you for petting me, but NOT NOW.' He finally managed by leaning up against the chain link fence around the dog forest. He is on anti-inflammatory drugs and joint supplements and doing fine.
My granddaughter was terminally cute dressed as a stalk of broccoli for Halloween-- as you can see here.
I'm about 2/3 done with Andrea's green cable-and lace-scarf. It has rather a few errors, which hopefully won't show since it's dark green, and as a scarf will be sort of bunched up anyway. Cate's dress is half-way, and I'm just hoping it will fit. Still need to cast on a hat for Phil. In January, I'm going to concentrate on knitting for ME. Selfish female that I am.
Tax season is starting too, which means I need to get in some serious study time so I can get certified, since I'm instructing this year as well as preparing returns (through the wonderful AARP TaxAide program.)