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Friday, May 30, 2008

Singin' Along

Finished another 2 pillows today; one long overdue knitted, small, and one fabric, small. I was forced to face the following: a. I really don't enjoy sewing; b. it's been so long that the machine, which is 40 years old this year and runs like a trooper, had to gently reprimand me for failing to wind the bobbin and a few other things before we achieved harmony; and c. when I was done the pillow told me in no uncertain terms that only dummies try to join the trim on a corner. Also that next time I should make at least a half-arsed effort to arrange the fabric pattern symetrically on the pillow; how hard is a square?

We're only going to prop them behind our backs while watching TV and/or sleep on them during televised golf (that would be Phil) so I ignored all the sniping. I have 5 more to go. I'll get better. So there. Nyaahhh.

While I was sorta sewing, I was listening to Kathy Mattea's album Coal. I'm not normally a country fan. The pickup trucks and broken hearts and cheating dogs (or maybe it's cheating trucks?) can get along without me. But these songs are coal mining ballads, and I'm a sucker for spine-shivering, mournful coal mine ballads. It has Coal Tattoo and The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, and I wish it had Spring Hill Mine Disaster and Peabody Coal as well, but maybe she has covered them on another album, I'll check. John Prine does Peabody pretty well. Maybe I'll make a coal-wailin' set for my iPod.

I picked up another skein of sock yarn, which I will not allow myself to paw or roll on until I have finished the ones I'm doing. It's a blend of rather strange colors --- but I think it's cool. From Cherry Tree Yarns. The fantastically nice person at Common Threads wound it into two equal balls so I can knit the two socks along at the same time. I must stop drooling and Finish The Current Project. Be firm.

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