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Monday, April 6, 2009

Why it's better not to live near an arsonist.

Got home last Monday and noticed Neighbor Tom, who lives just behind our 1/2 acre or so of woods at the back of the yard, was burning leaves. NT burns everything that hits the ground, in the belief that this is "good landscaping" and possibly because he loves to start a little fire. When I let the dogs out & in, noticed he was burning along his ditch between us & them. Didn't think anything of it because he's always burning, along with Other Neighbor Tom behind him, and Jimmy the Match across the street. [Jimmy keeps a gas can out by the burn pile at all times, ready for any pyrotechnic opportunity.]
A little later the dogs went on full alert as someone banged on my back door-- it was my on-the-right, non-burning neighbor yelling for help, hoses, etc. Seems NT's little fire got away from him and was merrily cleaning all the leaves out of our woods and headed for hers. We got it stopped with some drama and cursing [and wondering very loudly why NT hadn't called the fire department!]
Midway in all this NT's wife came home and found the fire had snuck around the back of their house, nipping at the deck, scorching a bit of paint and burning through NT's one hose, which was tangled around the fence and NOT EVEN TURNED ON.
Has he learned anything from this? Probably not, since his skull is pretty thick. But he won't burn for a while, because I gather wife let him have it.

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