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Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow! We got snow!

And here it is-- a most un-Carolinian batch of white stuff. It snowed mostly during the night, and about ten when I was coming to bed it thundered for a while. Phil's office is closed, the dogs are loving it, and I'm happily snowed in (except it means missing knitting group.) The coffee is especially good this AM.

I rounded the heel on one of the socks, the tan one, with a new short row technique that may work if I practice a bit. I'm thinking maybe go down a needle size to reduce the big honking holes along the seam. They're just for me and in cheap yarn, so they'll do.

In keeping with my nature I then got distracted by a fetching bit of lace in a sort of rusty pink, more about that next time. I started off in bellflower, pretty but annoyingly complex for a whole scarf, and now I'm trying something else.

Freezing rain yesterday, and the power was a little wobbly, so I made supper a bit early-- with bread pudding for afters-- so we'd have it if things went dark.

I've downloaded two books from to see if I want a membership, a new novel from Mary Balogh and one on climate change, Field Notes from a Catastrophe. I think the non-fiction is going to work better for listening. When I'm reading fiction I really want to be able to lose myself in it, and also want to carry it around (OK, I'll admit it, I read in the bathroom and at the table and just everywhere.) For knitting, I like news and podcasts, and non-fiction fits in there. We shall see.

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