Knit the Dog

[...because if I ever run out of yarn--- I can just knit the dogs.]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So much yarn...

My startitis is catching up with me, and I now have so many things going that nothing is getting finished. If I stick to my guns over the weekend, I should be able to finish the fuzzy Suri Dream beret which I'm giving to one of my Monday morning knitting ladies [because I can't stand fuzzy stuff. I just wanted to try out the yarn, and I needed to make up the balance in a Knitpicks order. I don't like knitting with it though, so no more.] I might also be able to finish the orange handwarmers, which are on the third re-knit because I couldn't get them "right". I think I finally have a guage and pattern worked out that will work with the yarn. I did make a cool little lace hat in pale orange---OK, I guess it's peach--- maybe it will work for one of A's friends. Pix of all this will follow.
It's raining, glorious heavy rain, the tail end of Fay. We've had 5 inches in two days and may get a little more before it blows off. I think all of the first 4 inches soaked right in, you could almost hear the trees sighing in relief. A dead branch bigger than my arm and about 5 feet long impaled itself in the back yard, thankfully not punching a hole in the house. We're up on a hill, so no flooding worries, but we do look thoughtfully at all the big trees in the yard when there are high wind warnings.
Phil is home for two whole weeks, so I'm cooking supper every day. Soup today, beef-vegetable-barley, since it's cooling off. The farmer's market won't have too many more weeks of good stuff as we head into fall, but tomatoes and cukes are still abundant. This summer we discovered how good the German Johnson and Cherokee Purple tomatoes were, with just a little vinaigrette and some sliced cukes, or maybe in a tomato-and-mayo sandwich on good bread....drool. There were lots of blueberries, and I made a few cobblers that were yummy as well.

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