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Friday, August 15, 2008

Long time no blog

Yeah, it's been awhile. Phil's been out of town a lot and I've been vegetating and knitting, and enjoying my Monday morning knitting (and crocheting and neadlepointing) ladies. I finished the tan wrap thing which I had to re-knit because it was too short. Did you predict this? It was of course now too long. I have a plan to sort of gather it a bit so it will work, because I'm darned if I'll reknit it again. At least the lace is pretty.

Currently working on a pair of fingerless gloves in Sublime (Sirdar) silk cashmere merino. Not as soft as I would have thought, but it is pretty. When I finish these I have some squooshy pale orange to make a pair for my daughter, and enough leftover black, brown, etc to make a pair with some sort of stripes or maybe some colorwork. They go fast.

I also cabled for the very first time, just a black ear warmer for winter dog walking; it's awkward but not as hard as I thought. So, more cables in my future. The sock yarn scarf is coming along, it's my porta-piece for now because it's very simple and not too large to carry around.

There are still the blue Knitpicks Essentials socks, currently on about the fourth reknit; I just can't seem to get the fit right. Maybe I need to take a class & get some pointers. When those are done, there are two more skeins of sock yarn hanging over me.

Hmmmmm. Do I have too many ongoing projects...... there's also yarn for an afghan, and a couple of partly made sweater vests from last winter when I was learning to knit.........yikes.

The Sedgefield/Wyndham golf tournament is going on as I write, and since it's practically next door I need to go over & see what's up later today if the temp stays below 85. Phil is volunteering to carry a score card and having no end of fun, and since he is, there's a set of tickets I can use. It's all a bit snooty and very hyped up, but still kind of neat to have it going on. You can't wear jeans or jean shorts on the course, so I'll have to dig deep into the closet to find something acceptable.

Gratuitous granddaughter picture:

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