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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WIPS and things

Just a shot from our trip up to Biltmore. One has to feel for those Vanderbilts, their life was tough, no?

I've been off for a while-- first my computer had to go into the hospital, thankfully still under warranty, but I was without it for two weeks. Serious withdrawal symptoms. Then I got some weird vague bug for a week.

Tried to register for the Sock Summit in Portland yesterday afternoon. Every class was sold out. I may be in Seattle that week, and I have an unused Seattle-to-Portland train ticket, so it might be worth going down for the day just to breath the sock-filled air and ogle the yarn. I'm not even much of a sock knitter, but the event involves some of my favorite people-- Cat Bordhi, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, etc. Apparently the whole event, all four days, sold out within about two hours. Amazing. Knitters definitely deserve our own TV channel.

Almost done with the Noro granny square afghan, just need a little more yarn for the edging. I'm embarrassed to add up the cost of all the yarn in this thing, mostly from stash-- it edges into three figures. Yikes. It had better become a hair-loom.

Finished little Cate's poncho, and I liked the CottonEase so well that I think I'll make a small blanket too, along the lines of the Mason-Dixon modular blanket. That would be good airplane knitting since it's all garter.

Working on a shrug, lace, from a glorious hank of Cherry tree Hill sock yarn. Problem-- I only bought the one skein that was on sale; I need two; I've lost the ball band..... but I think I know what colorway it is from their website so will try to get another hank. Also finishing up the white winterblossom shawl, which has gotten so big around the outer circumference that it takes me about half an hour to do one row. I'm still liking it, though.

Planning a cardigan for Phil for the winter. The heating in their office is erratic and feeble at best. I need to get him to stand still long enough to measure him properly, but first he needs to be home! Pennsylvania this week, but just for three days. Poor guy has been on the road every week this month and has at least one more trip in June.

I was swatching away Monday morning with the knitting group [a truly wonderful, eclectic group of women and the occasional guy] and we were recounting stories of funerals and resulting family quarrels. There truly are no normal families, thank goodness, or we wouldn't have so many great stories. This group has been my salvation more than once. Is it just knitters? There is something very special about them. I'm so glad I learned to knit!

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